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Lisa LaPorta

Featured Bio:
Danny “Count” Koker
by Lisa LaPorta

Lisa LaPorta

Danny “Count” Koker by Lisa LaPorta

Danny Koker was born in Akron, Ohio. Koker is a self taught mechanic, he is also the owner of a full-service licensed hot rod & chopper dealer called Count’s Kustoms, owner of Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar & Grill, owner of Count’s Tattoo Company at the Rio, Television Producer, and Musician for the band Zito77. Danny grew up in Detroit, Michigan were his family worked for Ford Motor Company. That’s when his fascination with cars began. Soon after, he taught himself to become a mechanic, and began restoring cars and motorcycles. He relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada in the early 90’s, and opened a vehicle restoration and repair shop called “Count's Kustoms.” His business has grown into a huge success; he has about 58 cars and counting! Because of his success in the past 5 years, “Count’s Kustoms” has gained media attention appearing on MTV, VH-1, and the Discovery Channel. He has appeared on shows such as “Pawn Stars,” and “American Restoration.” His popularity on both shows led to The History Channel, which gave him his own show called “Counting Cars,” which airs on Tuesday nights @10 PM. The series follows Danny and his staff around as they repair and restore various cars.

Lisa LaPorta

When Danny is not on location shooting his show, his band Zito77 is either performing on tour, or at his Vamp’d Rock Bar & Grill in Las Vegas, Nevada. Which is where I had the pleasure of meeting him, through our mutual friend Roxanna Paradise. Roxanna Paradise is an entertainment manager and owner of “Rockin The Pascana Management.” I had mentioned to Roxanna that I was taking a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada in January 2013, and she was actually the one who brought Danny Koker to my attention. I give her many thanks and appreciation for that. On January 12, 2013 I took a cab from the Hard Rock Hotel, which is where I was staying, and happens to be ironically on Paradise Road, and headed over to Count’s Vamp’d Rock & Roll Bar & Grill. I walked in and to my amazement the security and staff knew who I was right away. So I sat down at the bar and ordered some appetizers which were delicious, while Danny was preparing for my interview, and getting ready to perform with his band that night. Then finally I met Danny... and boy was I really in shock. We shook hands, he offered me a drink (you all know by now my drink of choice is Jameson on the rocks, LOL), and then we sat down. I asked him all the questions every other interviewer had asked him, but I choose to write about my experience sitting down with him. Due to a family emergency... I had to get back on the plane in 4 hours to head back home.

Lisa LaPorta

When you’re in a room with Mr. Koker, you can’t help but to notice and feel the positive energy from this man. He’s always smiling, and when he talks about what he does, you can see his dedication, and his passion for it. This man built himself up from scratch and just enjoyed what he was doing, and that’s how it all happened. When you enjoy what you do in life, it all falls into place. We even spoke about getting Danny and his band to play on the east coast, which is something I am currently working on, to make that happen.

I took a seat at a table in front, and waited for Zito77 to take the stage. First of all, I felt like I was in a stadium, the sound system in that place was the clearest, sharpest sound I have ever heard. I really enjoyed watching them play, they were so amazing. I have to be honest, they blew me away, they had me feeling that I wanted to get up on that stage, and start singing along with them, LOL. Many blessings to Danny and his staff, and many thanks to Danny for giving me the opportunity; my only regret on this trip was not being able to visit his shop Count’s Kustoms, to see all those beautiful cars, but I’m hoping someday I will. People; let’s start working on getting Danny and his band Zito77, over to the east coast to perform. I promise it will be some experience and you won't be disappointed.

Lisa LaPorta

Counting Cars Reality Show
The History Channel, Tuesday nights 10PM

Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar & Grill
6750 West Sahara Las Vegas, Nevada 89146
Rock & Roll Restaurant & Concert Venue with high quality professional sound, stage and lights!

Count’s Kustoms
2714 S. Highland Drive Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
Full-Service Licensed Hot Rod & Chopper Dealer

Count’s Tattoo Company at the Rio
3700 W. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89103

Record Label... Desert Moon Productions
Danny “Count” Koker - lead vocials
John Zito - lead guitar, harmonica & vocals
Stoney Curtis - lead guitar & vocals
Barry Barns - bass & vocals
Paul DiSibio - drums

Print                                                                 : March, 2013        

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